A Fiesta In Your Mouth: Kelly B’s Tangy Original Pulled Pork Mexicana

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Kelly B, being the innovative grill master that he is, created this recipe to avoid wasting leftover pulled pork. Put your leftovers to good use at your next fiesta with this original dish.


¼ cup vegetable oil
1-2 lbs smoked pulled pork
¼ cup green onions
4 cups raw spinach
¼ cup diced red and yellow bell peppers
1 cup pepper jack cheese
4 large spinach tortillas
4 servings Mexican or wild rice
4 servings refried beans
Salsa or hot sauce to taste


  1. Heat vegetable oil in a skillet (preferably cast iron).
  2. Add your leftover pulled pork and cook until the tips become crispy.
  3. Add the peppers and green onions to the skillet and sauté until tender. Then add the spinach for the last 5 minutes.
  4. While this mixture is simmering cook the rice according to the package directions and heat the refried beans on the stove until warm.
  5. Heat the tortillas in skillet or microwave until they are warm.
  6. Spoon the meat mixture onto the tortillas and add rice and refried beans. Sprinkle in hot sauce or salsa to taste.

Pro tip: Pair this dish with a Mexican beer or margarita to elevate the fiesta.