Become the King of Spare Ribs

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You love ribs. Look, your mouth is probably watering right now! So, why are you afraid to cook them?

To prep: Use a paper towel to grip the bottom side of the rib and peel off the fatty membrane. Cut off any excess fat, rub the meat with a generous amount of your favorite rib rub and set aside in a large pan or plastic bag for 3-6 hours.

To grill: Keeping your grill around 225-degrees, move coals to one side of your grill (or turn off the gas on one side) and place ribs so they aren’t exposed to direct heat. Gently turn them (don’t violently flip) so they cook evenly and, after two hours, mop both sides with Kelly’s BBQ Sauce. Wrap in heavy duty foil, and finish with another 1-2 hours on the grill. When the meat starts to shrink off the bone, you’re in good shape.

To smoke: Set your smoker to 225°F and smoke the ribs for 3-4 hours. Then, mop both sides with Kelly B’s BBQ Sauce, wrap in heavy duty foil, and cook for 2 more hours. If you want to sweeten things up, add brown sugar or honey as you paint with sauce.

Don’t forget the toast!

To the delicious sauce, juicy meat, and trusty grill that got us here. To full bellies, good friends, and great grilling experiences. Cheers!