Can You Smoke Ice?

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Sometimes friends just want to get together for drinks. No one is craving a large meal, but you can still get the grill involved. Dazzle guests by transforming your cocktails throughout the evening with this icy trick. To be frank, it’s pretty freakin’ cool.

Smoked ice. It sounds odd, and most would assume the process is confusing and tricky. Don’t worry, it’s simple enough for even the most novice grill user. As the smoky ice cubes melt, they slowly infuse your cocktails with a savory flavor. Add these ice cubes to a glass of whiskey, a rum and Coke, a classic Old Fashioned, your common gin and tonic, or any other drink your guests desire. The smokiness will compliment a variety of flavors.

Start by placing several trays worth of ice in a grill-safe pot with low sides. You don’t want the melting ice to spill over, but you want the smoke to reach the cubes.You can also use a pot of water and pour it into cubes to freeze later.

Place the pot or pan of ice cubes or water on the grill or inside your smoker over low heat (about 225°F) for one hour. The ice cubes will slowly melt and soak up the flavor and aroma. Try using wood chips for an extra earthy flavor.

After an hour, remove the pot or pan and pour the liquid into ice cubes trays. Then refreeze the melted water in ice cube trays. Add the frozen cubes to drinks at your next cocktail party and watch as the smoky flavor slowly reveals itself to guests throughout the evening. Your guests will be awestruck by this seemingly magical transformation.

Don’t forget the toast!

This one is a quote by the late, great Frank Sinatra:

“Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the Bible says love your enemy.”