Everything You Need for a Mediterranean Grill Party

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The cookout classics might be your tried-and-true favorites, but you can switch things up at your next cookout with some Mediterranean flair. Here’s how to add pizzazz and offer something new to your guests.


Classic Mediterranean decor is all about ocean scenes. Think deep blues, clean whites, and bright pops of orange or red. Think of this meal as less of a backyard hangout and more of an elegant outdoor dinner. It is the perfect event to celebrate an anniversary, engagement, or special occasion.


Serve up grilled eggplant, mushrooms, and corn on the cob to add a smoky flavor to your veggies. Don’t forget the tzatziki sauce! For the main dish, check out Kelly B’s recipes for swordfish kabobs and grilled oysters. If you want to serve fish but don’t know what to choose, check out the Kelly B Fish Guide for some fresh inspiration.


Cocktails only add to the fun. Try a mojito with appetizers to start things off. If you’re serving lamb, pair your meal with a pinot noir or merlot. For seafood, stick to white wines such as chardonnay or pinot grigio. For non-alcoholic drinks, sparkling water or tea pair well with this fresh meal.

Don’t forget the toast!

May fortune still be kind to you,
And happiness be true to you,
And life be long and good to you,
Is the toast of all your friends to you.