Grilled Snacks on the Go

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Why not take the flavor of the grill with you? Don’t forget you can grill more than just steak. Get creative and take your creations with you for easy on-the-go grill snackin’.

Peanut butter crackers and protein bars take a back seat to these grilled snacks. Use these ideas to get your smoky-flavor fix while you’re out running errands and tackling to-do lists. Be prepare to spend a few hours grilling in preparation. It will be worth it when you have hearty snacks on hand to enjoy all week long.

  • Grilled beef jerky
  • Grilled dark chocolate and sea salt granola
  • Grilled pineapple and mango
  • Grilled berry mix
  • Smoky dried peppers
  • Grilled strawberry fruit leather
  • Grilled honey peanuts
  • Grilled cinnamon pecans
  • Grilled coconut shavings and chocolate chips
  • Grill-baked chocolate chip cookies
  • Grill-baked brownies

The flavor doesn’t stop here. You can grill almost any snack, but we’ve found these examples make big batches and last longer throughout the week. Now we challenge you to try a few of these ideas and tag us in a picture. Use #kellybgrillsnacks to share your on-the-go snacking, or send us a picture of a new grill snack you invented.

Don’t forget the toast!

To all the people who claim they are “the busiest person in the world”. We’re all in this together. Cheers!