Kelly B’s 2017 Grill Master’s Gift Guide

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Need a gift for the grill master in your life? We have some ideas. A few things to stuff in a stocking, some for under the tree, and one you can just set straight in the backyard with a big ‘ol Merry Christmas bow on top.

Kelly B’s BBQ Sauce Trifecta
This gift guide wouldn’t be complete without the grilling gift that keeps on giving. Give the gift of choice with our Trifecta option. Your grill enthusiast can master the grill by switching between our Sweet, Spicy, or Sweet N Spicy BBQ Sauce. Don’t feel guilty for reaping the benefits of this gift yourself, that’s totally okay.

Personalized Branding Iron
Help the guy behind the grill get the credit he deserves. Nothing says manliness like searing your initials onto your meat.

Grilling Tools Set
Guys need tools. Grill masters need tools. A sleek grill tool set should include a grilling fork, a metal spatula, tongs, and a BBQ sauce brush, and a minimum. Bonus points if your grill set comes with extras.

Electronic Meat Thermometer
Friends don’t let friends poison their friends. This tool is a must.

A Spice and Rub Gift Pack
This gift is a reminder to never skip out on flavor. It’s the perfect addition to any grill master’s BBQ essentials. This one won’t last long!

Personalized Grilling Apron
“Look great, cook great!” is the theme of this gift. Get a nickname, initials, or an inside joke printed on an apron. Now he can finally stop dripping sauce on every shirt he owns.

A Smoker
Go big or go home. If your grill enthusiast normally grills on a charcoal or electric grill and wants to change the game, a smoker is the way to go. We love American Barbecue Systems “The Judge”, which allows you to smoke up to 400 pounds of meat at a time. If you’re leaning on the smaller side, “The All-Star” is the ideal backyard smoker.

Don’t forget the toast!

To those who grill,
And those who eat,
May you enjoy perfectly grilled meat.
May your stockings be stuffed,
May your bellies be full,
And may all your holiday wishes come true!