Kelly B’s Sauce Can Do So Much More Than You Ever Imagined

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Kelly B’s BBQ Sauce is delicious. But you already know that. What you don’t know are all the mind-blowing ways you can use these phenomenal sauces. Don’t worry, we’ve come up with a list of ways to use the Sweet, Spicy, and Sweet N Spicy flavors like a true barbecue pro. These mouthwatering ideas will have you wishing you had another bottle of Kelly B’s BBQ Sauce in your kitchen right now.


A sweet barbecue sauce is the perfect condiment for those who can’t take the heat or don’t want to kick their sweet tooth. Warm up the sweet sauce a bit and drizzle it over a ham before grilling. Grill bell peppers and use the sweet recipe as a dipping sauce. Skewer meatballs, coat them in the sweet sauce and wrap them with bacon before using your grill as a smoker. If you’re feeling really creative, mix a little of the sweet sauce in your grilled beans for a sweet and smoky flavor. Be generous with the sweet sauce and set it out as a condiment when serving burgers. Guests will ditch the ketchup every time.


Our spicy sauce gives your food the kick it needs without overpowering a meal. While your regular hot sauce might mute your taste buds, the spicy sauce rings the spice alarms while allowing you to still enjoy the flavors of your expertly grilled meals. Scramble up some eggs, mix in your grilled sausage links, and sprinkle the spicy sauce on top before wrapping your creation in a warm tortilla for the perfectly spicy breakfast burrito. Give your pulled pork sandwich a jump start by painting the bun with spicy sauce. Is your chili not delivering the flavor burst you expected? Add spicy sauce to taste. Problem fixed.

Sweet N Spicy

Attention indecisive BBQ lovers! We have a sauce for you, too. Experience the sweet and tangy sauce with just enough heat to keep you satisfied. This is for the grill master who hears, “Don’t ruin the meal with your hot sauce!” every time he tries to sprinkle in a few drops of flavor. This sauce lets you finally meet in the middle. Many kitchen wars have ended because of this sauce. It’s just that good. Slather this on a rack of ribs, or marinate your chicken breasts and thighs in this beauty. The options are endless with this dynamic duo. The options are endless with this dynamic duo.

Pro Tip: Give this sauce a taste test once it’s open. You’ll feel the kick about four seconds in… Boom! This is a great way to learn how to use this sauce.

We gave you the ideas. Now all you need is the sauce. Don’t wait another minute. Order online right now and have these tasty sauces shipped right to your door. Not sure which one to order? Get all three. You cannot go wrong with a variety of Kelly B’s BBQ Sauce.