New Award Winning & Handcrafted Rubs

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Ladies and gentlemen...This is all you’ve been waiting for...Rubs! Kelly B’s rubs are finally available to the public!

Don’t get your hands messy and experiment with spices when you could have the perfectly balanced rubs right at your fingertips.

Beef Rub

First up, the Beef Rub. Check it out in all of its sexy glory.

Go on a journey to flavor town with Kelly B’s Beef Rub! Use this puppy on your burgers, grilled steak, smoked brisket, and even lamb for a nice, peppery flavor.

For your smoked brisket, this delicious combination of spices will enhance that meaty flavor and will help create a beautiful smoke ring. Grab your Beef Rub here.

Rib Rub

Next up, the Rib Rub! Enlighten your taste buds!

This rub will knock your socks off. If you want the “best ribs in the world” trophy, rub this all over your rack about an hour before it goes on the grill.

It’s sugar based, so it’ll turn into a sweet caramelized glaze that coats the meat, trapping in the moisture and flavor that your heart and stomach desire. Get your Rib Rub here.

Pork Rub

Last but certainly not least, the Pork Rub.

Use this for all of your piggy needs, such as pork chops, pork shoulder/pork butt, pork tenderloin, & pork loin. Use for the oven, grill, or even crockpot! Want some? Get some here! 

Pick up these rubs from our shop!

They’re also available at the HyVee off of 151st and Blackbob, as well as the Kansas City BBQ Store, located at 119th and Stangline.