Recipe: Kelly B’s Deep Fried Brisket

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Deep-Fried Brisket

You often hear about deep frying a Thanksgiving Turkey, but what about Brisket! Try out Kelly B’s Deep Fried Brisket by following the recipe below.


1 ea.         12-14 lb. Whole Brisket
3 gal.         Peanut Oil – Pour in Turkey Fryer
1 cup         Kelly B’s BBQ Beef Rub (other beef rubs will be okay)
1/2 lb.        Whole button Portobello Mushrooms
1 ea.          White onion cut in quarters
3-4 ea.       Fresh Rosemary Sprigs
6-8 ea.      Whole Garlic Buds
1 ea.          Turkey Fryer


  • Let Brisket sit out for 1 hour to get room temperature.
  • Trim unwanted fat from Brisket leaving some for flavor.  
    • Save trimmed fat for a surprise treat later.
  • After trimming, score both sides of brisket ¼” deep.  Score both across the width and length.  After scoring generously season Brisket with beef rub on both top and bottom as well as sides.
  • Put fryer hook thru the small end of the brisket.  
    • This hook is usually used for lowering the turkey into the fryer and hooks onto the post the turkey is mounted on.
  • Heat Peanut Oil to 350 degrees.  Once the oil gets to temperature, turn the burner off. This helps prevent a flash fire if the oil would boil over when lowering meat. Slowly lower the Brisket into the oil.  Once in the pot, light the burner and turn the fire back up.  
  • Cook brisket at 325 degrees for two minutes per pound.
    • Starting oil at 350 degrees allows for a temperature drop when meat is lowered into the oil.
  • After cooking the designated amount of time (2 minutes/pound) pull the Brisket and place it in a large tin pan.
    • Add onions, mushrooms, & garlic around the brisket.  Place rosemary sprigs on top of the Brisket.  Cover with a foil pan lid or heavy-duty foil, seal tightly.
  • In a 250 degree, pre-heated oven, place the brisket pan and cook for 3 hours. 
  • Pull and let sit for 15 minutes and then slice and serve along with vegetables cooked in a meat pan.
    • Serve with Kelly B’s BBQ sauces and homemade mashed or baked potato.

Bon Appetite’ – This is a taste of Heaven!