Recipe: Grilled Swordfish Kabobs

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Your guests will rave about your grill master status once you show them the grill is for more than burgers and brats. Who doesn’t love to hear how great they are at grillin’? Serve these unique kabobs with a bottle of white wine and enjoy! Ingredients 2/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar 3 tablespoons lemon juice 1 … Read More

What BBQ is Best for Your Event?

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You’re in charge of grillin’ for the big event. Do you go out on a limb and try something new or stick to tried-and-true favorites? Here’s your grill guide for every BBQ occasion. When planning your event, you’ll first need to consider the number of people attending. It’s always best to play it safe and over-prepare rather than run out … Read More

Recipe: Best BBQ Pork Chops

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Are you ready to show off your grilling chops? Serve these up with mashed potatoes and an extra side of Kelly B’s BBQ Sauce for dipping. Ingredients 4 pork chops (thin) 1 cup Kelly B’s BBQ Sauce 3 tablespoons honey 1⁄3 cup red wine vinegar Salt Pepper Directions Pro tip: To keep chops juicy and tender, don’t let them sit … Read More

How to Choose a Cut of Meat

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You know your way around a grill, but have you mastered the meat section of your grocery store? Here’s what to look for when choosing a cut of meat. Steak Beef can be divided into eight sections: chuck, brisket, shank, rib, short plate, loin, flank, and round. We’ll break down the basic eight, but first, here’s some important terminology. “Marbling” … Read More

5 Fruits to Grill Today

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Grill-worthy fruits are the perfect way to add a little sweetness to your next cookout. Grill them up for brunch or for a poolside snack. Mango – Cut in half and remove the peel and pit. Lay face down on a hot grill over indirect heat for 2-3 minutes or until grill marks are visible. Grilled mango is delicious when … Read More

Recipe: Slow Cooked Stout Beef Stew

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There’s almost nothing better than enjoying a slow-cooked stew in front of the fire after a long winter day. With this recipe, add the brew to your stew and combine two of your favorite things: beef and beer. Let’s get simmerin’. Ingredients 2 lbs. Yukon gold potatoes, unpeeled, cut into one-inch pieces 1 lb. carrots, peeled and cut into one-inch … Read More

Easy Marinades Every Grill Master Can Conquer

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No meat should hit the grill before being marinated, brined, or given a good rub-down with seasonings. If you want to add pizzazz, marinades provide endless ways to take your meat to the next level. Before getting started, place your meat in a resealable plastic bag. Then, add your choice of ingredients and shake until your meat is evenly coated. … Read More