Don’t Carve Your Pumpkins This Year, Grill Them Instead!

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October is approaching, and pumpkins are everywhere! You’ve heard of cooking pumpkin seeds, but why not grill the entire pumpkin? Grilled pumpkin can be a fantastic asset to a vegetable soup, filling for pumpkin pie, or just a fun snack! So, how do you do it? It’s pretty simple. Pick your pumpkin. This is important. Not just any old gourd … Read More

The Best Fall Cookout with the Best Rotisserie Chicken

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Grilling a whole chicken rotisserie style is a great way to feed a healthier dinner to your friends and family. It tastes great, too! Here’s how to do it: Fetch your chicken. You’ll need to prepare your poultry before seasoning it. Cut off any excess and flappy skin. This is the chewy, unwanted, and unhealthy portion of the chicken. Then, … Read More

Spice It Up! Five Herbs and Spices To Take Your Grilling Up a Level

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Is your meat missing something? The answer might be sitting right there in your spices cabinet. The reality is, many people don’t really know how to use the herbs and spices to compliment certain types of meat. It takes a little practice, but I’m going to give you some tricks you can apply on your very next recipe. So let’s … Read More