Spice It Up! Five Herbs and Spices To Take Your Grilling Up a Level

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Is your meat missing something? The answer might be sitting right there in your spices cabinet. The reality is, many people don’t really know how to use the herbs and spices to compliment certain types of meat. It takes a little practice, but I’m going to give you some tricks you can apply on your very next recipe. So let’s … Read More

Recipe: Granola on the Grill

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True grill masters are creative, hungry, and eager to grill. This mindset is what led to the invention of grilled granola. Pack a bag of this stuff for your next camping trip, sprinkle it over yogurt for a smoky sweet breakfast, or add it to your grilled chicken salad for extra crunch. Ingredients Directions

Grilled Snacks on the Go

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Why not take the flavor of the grill with you? Don’t forget you can grill more than just steak. Get creative and take your creations with you for easy on-the-go grill snackin’. Peanut butter crackers and protein bars take a back seat to these grilled snacks. Use these ideas to get your smoky-flavor fix while you’re out running errands and … Read More

A Fiesta In Your Mouth: Kelly B’s Tangy Original Pulled Pork Mexicana

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Kelly B, being the innovative grill master that he is, created this recipe to avoid wasting leftover pulled pork. Put your leftovers to good use at your next fiesta with this original dish. Ingredients ¼ cup vegetable oil 1-2 lbs smoked pulled pork ¼ cup green onions 4 cups raw spinach ¼ cup diced red and yellow bell peppers 1 … Read More

Breakfast on the Grill

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The most important meal of the day, coming to you hot off the grill. Just about everyone has a breakfast food they love, so why not take these recipes to the grill? This Saturday, spend a lazy morning in front of the coals. First off, eggs. You can fry, scramble, poach, and boil eggs on the grill just as easy … Read More

Recipe: Greek Lamb Burgers

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This Mediterranean recipe will create a juicy, tender burger your guests won’t stop talking about. Serve this dish when you want to mix things up from your traditional backyard BBQ flavors. Ingredients 1 slice of white bread, crust removed and cut into 1/4-inch pieces 2 Tbsp milk 1/4 cup finely chopped shallots 2 cloves garlic, minced 3 Tbsp finely chopped … Read More