The Grilling Tools That Change the Game

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Spatulas, wood chip boxes, grill mitts… oh my. You own them, but do you know how to use them? Learn how the tools you already have can change your grilling game.

Wood Chip Boxes
Place damp wood chips inside this metal box and set it off to the side on your gas grill. Achieve the savory taste of a charcoal grill as the wood chips heat up and give off their signature smoky flavor.

Basting Brush
When our recipes direct you to paint melted butter or Kelly B’s BBQ Sauce on your BBQ, we don’t mean with a paintbrush. Basting brushes are easy to use, easy to wash, and help turn BBQ into art. We recommend silicon-bristle brushes that won’t leave fibers behind. But, be careful to keep them away from direct heat to avoid melting.

Long-Handled Tongs
Keep your hands away from the heat while turning (not flipping) your steak. Metal is easy to clean and won’t melt, but the handles can get hot. Use a glove or find a handle cover to avoid burning your hand.

Long-Handled Spatula
Like the tongs, this tool will keep your hands out of the flames while allowing you to work on your masterpiece. Spatulas work well for fish or other delicate meat that needs handling. A glove or handle cover will help keep your palms off of hot metal.

Grill Brush
Keep your grill clean with this multi-tool. With a scraper on one end and a brush on the other, it’s easy to chisel away grease and grime. Use this tool between meals to clean the grates. Use brass bristles rather than steel to avoid damaging your grill.

Grill Mitts
A grill master keeps a pair of fire-retardant mitts or gloves close by in case of emergency. Dealing with heat can be tricky and if things get out of hand, it’s important to have a backup plan. Handling hot tools or removing something from the grill that shouldn’t be there is easier when done safely.

Grill Fork
Sometimes you’ll need to hold things down, and a long-handled, two-pronged fork is the tool you’ll want. Whether you are basting, taking internal temperature, or placing a slice of cheese on your meat, this tool will keep things steady.

Don’t forget the toast!

To the sauces, meats, and tools that got us here. Cheers!