Tried and True Grilled Combos

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Need ideas for something creative to pair with your perfectly barbecued meat? We have everything you need!

Surf and Turf – Place deveined jumbo shrimp on skewers and toss them on the grill until they turn pearly white. Make sure not to overcook! Soak wood skewers for at least an hour so they don’t burn up. Cube your grilled steak and alternate between the two on skewers for a delicious and unforgettable meal. Include cherry tomatoes to give your skewers a splash of color!

Savory Grilled Salad – Looking to add a little greenery to your meal? Toss arugula in a balsamic vinaigrette and top the salad with grilled steak. Feeling extra creative? Lightly grill fresh peaches and add them to the mix. This dish is a fresh and smoky meal perfect for any occasion.

Meat and Potatoes – A favorite for many families. Grill up potatoes and mash them before serving with a smoked ham. Cut them up into wedges, wrap them in a foil pack with your other favorite veggies, and grill them before pairing with grilled chicken. Try out different potatoes for different recipes. New Red, Idaho, Yukon Gold… the opportunities are endless.

Chicken and Pineapple – There’s nothing quite like grilled pineapple. The smoky sweetness of perfectly grilled pineapple mixed with savory, grilled chicken breast is a winning combination. Alternate between chicken and pineapple on skewers to create the perfect backyard BBQ treat. Grilled pineapple is also great on a hamburger!

Asparagus and Fish – Grilled asparagus and lemon complement fish like tilapia, salmon, or shrimp. Create a grill pack with foil and fill it with your seafood, asparagus, lemon wedges, and butter. Add salt and pepper to taste and your guests will beg for the recipe.

Don’t forget the toast!

They say good things come in threes, but there’s nothing like the perfect pairing. Cheers!