Peaches and other weird things you should grill

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The grill is a sacred space meant for mouthwatering meats and delicious delicacies. But if you’re only firing up your grill in order to cook the typical beef, poultry, and pork dishes, you’re missing out. Let me enlighten you. You can (and should) use your grill for veggies, seafood, fruit, pizza, desserts, and a long list of weird things. The opportunities are endless. Get creative on the grill and you’ll eat better while impressing your guests with unexpected barbecued treats.

To get those creative juices flowing, here are a few ideas.

Corn on the Cob: Leave in the husk and soak in water for an hour, then cook in the husk, turning as needed.

Cut in half, remove the pit, and coat in olive oil. Then grill cut-side down for 4 to 5 minutes or until you see those beautiful grill marks taking shape. Top with melted butter, cinnamon and sugar, and/or serve with a side of vanilla ice cream for the perfect dessert straight off the grill.

Pizza: Cook on grill pizza stone just as you would in your oven. Viola! Pizza like it just came out of a woodfired stove! Get creative by adding some grilled pineapple on top, or perhaps a few freshly grilled peppers. You can work on the toppings about 5 minutes before the pizza is ready to keep the nice and hot.

Meatballs: Stick your meatballs on metal skewers, coat with our delicious Kelly B’s BBQ Sauce, and let those suckers sit on the grill for 12 to 15 minutes. Turn the skewers twice while cooking, and enjoy these grilled medallions of meat atop your favorite pasta or in a sub roll.

Pot Pies: Add an amazing smoke flavor you’ll never get from your oven. Like pizza, just cook in smoker according to oven directions. Remember, it’s not just the outside that counts, but the inside as well. Grill up your veggies before adding them to the pot pie to get a smoky flavor throughout the entire dish.

Cookies, Pies, Brownies: Just follow the oven directions and then place on the grill for the amount of oven time labeled on the recipe. You’ll have tasty treats with a little smoke-infused flavor. Top with slated caramel, grilled nuts, or even grilled fresh fruit for an extra dose of grilled flavor.

Get creative, imagine, experiment – the possibilities are endless. (Watermelon on the grill may have been one of the best ideas.)

Toast your friends to delicious creativity:

Here’s to good friends, weird food, and ambitious grilling. May these odd additions urge us to try new things, in food and in life. Cheers!